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Galatians, how many of us we firmly promised: "I go home, cold microwave popcorn bag, bat baby to sleep and look at the latest episode of Lost ˝ ˝ aired in the U.S..Moaah, relax! "? Relaxation in hell. "The work of downloading movies is monitored by collecting societies (OGC's) from Bucharest, who see absolutely all downloads are made in Romania. To download or upload movies is equally criminal act, "explains George subcomisarul Dimofte, Head of Fraud Investigation of Police Galati.

The eyes behind the computer

Strong confidence that IPs "mobile" computer can save us - those of us with a "mystery" are aware of the latest movies (not in theaters or DVD rental centers) -becomes a joke to the people the law. "Every computer has, in fact, a clear IP, which can be unmistakably identified by the OGC's. These sites are OGC notifies police bodies and are independent of the person behind the IP is found that massive download from the Internet. Communicated to us that IP, then we find and commence the investigation, "explains subcomisarul Dimofte.

You education - rent

Who choose to rent movies instead of serve - free and illegally - on the net?Sibinovici Bogdan, owner of Galati rental center "Lord Video", "Customer Profile rental center is a person-aged, middle income and above average, which does not have time and patience to see a film of poor quality .

Because Cinema City opened in Braila, and those who go there realize that the payment for an hour and a half film, time-consuming to make, make money and gasoline, reaching an average expenditure of 70 lei per person because of this, and decreased age who become aware of theft on the Internet for a film production. ""They are very important ads running before movies, and talk about piracy. Many people realize then that what I think is a free product, is actually stolen. "

Steal movies - kill cinema

What is poor Galati, full of the same movies on TV? "Sin" so loud that shoot a film on the net, watch it and delete it? "Download activity is criminal offense. It is theft.Just as you go in the store and instead buy, steal. Reduced material possibilities is not an excuse before the law, "said the subcomisarul.

His opinion is backed by the Bogdan Sibinovici "We rent a title (editorial note - an original DVD) 3 lei. But for him 100 lei pay. And our dealer pays the manufacturer $ 10,000. And the manufacturer spends millions of dollars for a movie. If we all start to steal, to download torrents, it would disappear just as popular branch of cinematographic works. "

Damage can be huge

Police confirmed: "The solution to stop online piracy is a technical one. Of course, we expect that adolescents, children and young people to be explained by parents that the law prohibits this type of use of the Internet. Of course, there are those who do not know that this action is theft ".

"But the reality is that the damage done by the brand owner or copyright - for both programs, games, movies or music downloaded illegally - can easily exceed the value of 100,000 lei, can reach up to 200,000, 300,000 or 400,000 lei ". "How to handle those people you have to pay such amounts? Not doing. Them seize the apartment, the house ... ".

Police solutions - data recovery

If there is suspicion that a particular IP, for example, which shows concern downloads terrorist (bomb recipes, etc..) Police obtain court order. A mandate requiring companies providing Internet to provide people the law - for a clearly determined period (a month or two) - all online activity that Split with IP.

Guest nothing

"To say that such a user, which is frequently download, is inspired and makes its cleaning ˝ ˝, before control. Throw pirated DVDs, CDs, laptop clean their unlicensed software, movies and music. There is solution for this situation, because it can make data recovery, "George Dimofte subcomisarul shattered, Head of Fraud Investigation in Police Galati, illusions of reentry into the legality of data thieves" conscience. "

After the number of cases, Galati - the first of large counties

Statistics do not stop there. Police report that the country is ranked tenth Galati on the number of pending cases (copyright infringement), with a total of 64 cases. An important detail is that Galati is the first - the number of cases - the largest counties in the country.

Permanent notified

"The number of cases still under investigation is much higher, but research is not completed, and they have not yet been submitted to Prosecutor. We receive notification from OGC permanent site, which we are all being permanent. For IPs that are illegally download are two solutions: the search and immediate lifting of all computer equipment or supervision of IP traffic information by court order, "explains George subcomisarul Dimofte, Head of Fraud Investigation of Police Galati.

Similar legislation of other EU countries

That any interaction with the Internet can be traced through programs that allow this - that I know and children. However, is harder to understand why delays occur technical solutions prevent data theft. From 2007 (year of entry into the EU), Romania has adopted legislation similar to European countries copyright protection. In Galati, at this point, two officers of the SIF (Service Fraud Investigation) are appointed to deal with crime in the online environment.


"In the U.S., Germany, France and Spain - where the most advanced software, held even net provider and supervising traffic users - the user receives a warning message, the Internet provider. I shall be informed that is a fact which makes it illegal and must stop, "says Bogdan Sibinovici.

Date pirated

Law 8 of 1996 on Copyright and Related Rights (Updated) leaves no doubt: we are not allowed to "get off" movies, we are not allowed to play games that do not pay, we must not give, to borrow , transport or equipment containing data to host even pirated. Galatians become criminals as you say "download torrent" and make even jail if I put on intranet data networks they own without the copyright owner. For example, penalties are between three and 12 years in prison if they sell DVDs of movies illegally fired.

Two licenses equal two computers

What we do with software that costs more than the equipment itself? "There are variations ˝ ˝ Home Edition and Professional versions. Usually there are no big differences between them than price. But is wrong - as I have met - a company to run programs ˝ ˝ Home editon. If a firm has only two licenses, they just put on two computers. And if you can not afford a program, do not use, because you can not buy it, "comes the answer Police.

Original DVD RIP DVD versus

There are qualitative differences between DVD RIP and original DVD? We have two answers to this question. Dimofte Subcomisarul explains: "original DVD is made by insertion, not combustion - so-called ˝ ˝ burn on your home computer - while pirated DVD is burnt."

"The difference does not appear at the picture, current techniques are very good.The difference appears in subtitles - for pirated versions are subtitles made by people who know how ˝ ˝ and the original versions are professional subtitles. An original DVD, which we give to the rental, there is no good after 20 views. If the scratch is useless. No, do not take after ˝ ˝ expires, customers give them free, "explains Bogdan Sibinovici, rental center owner" Lord Video ".

Three video rental centers in Galati

At this point, according to sources, in Manchester there are three video rental centers, and in Romania can count a total of 18-20 such deals - Galati and could thus be considered privileged.

The license

If, for every man, the Internet is "share"-uirea (distribution) of free information, things change when we talk about a product that cost and we have FREE access committing a crime. In other words, goodbye popcorn, bread beating goodbye, goodbye "Lost" welcome "Young and the Restless".

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