Mass video upload

It's Not What we Say, It's What we do
That Impresses Our Clients.

VideoSwiper leads the way for mass video uploading services & applications.
Its simply the most powerful mass video upload software online.

The VideoSwiper video search engine is a very powerful bulk video downloader & video embedding & FLV + MP4 video direct server transfer application, easily populate your video scripts with millions of videos lightning FAST to over 28 supported video, blog & php platforms.

VideoSwiper effortlessly crawls it's video search engine from many of the Internet's top video sharing sites finding laser targeted videos allowing you to sit back & watch your video websites grow at rates you will have never thought possible.

I have been dreaming of an application like this!!! : You have provided something that is simple & addictive to use. It's like having 10 outsource staff uploading videos day & night Jean Bueller - USA.

We have API's available for the following video scripts & CMS platforms

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